Hub Green Ports event on Feb. 24 at Rho Fiera Milano. Speakers include Annachiara Annino, partner at Lattanzio KIBS

The 'Hub Green Ports - Ports, Urban Regeneration and Environmental Sustainability' conference, organized as part of the Hub Green Ports project, launched by Lattanzio KIBS, was held today, February 24, at My Planet & Garden in Rho Fiera Milano.
At the center of the debate was the regeneration of Italian ports in the context of the cities that host them and the interaction with them in terms not only of logistics, but also of roads, landscape.

Among the speakers was Annachiara Annino, partner of Lattanzio KIBS and founder of Hub Green Ports: 'It was a pleasure to be able to confront with extraordinary urban planners and with a panel of speakers who are very clear that designing ports in a sustainable way is the only chance we have to safeguard the maritime economy; not everyone is aware that the blue economy has an extraordinary importance in the economic system of our country. Thinking sustainably is the priority'.

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