Lattanzio Group organized with the Romanian Association of Banks, the event 'Structural Funds to promote growth. The role of the banking system for the next programming period 2014-2020'

Lattanzio Group talks about the role of e-learning for the banking system 

'The contribution of the banking community becomes crucial in a context in which "companies and public administrations can grow with the help of consultancy and European funds, with the initiation of development and innovation processes,' argued Ezio Lattanzio, founder of Lattanzio Group.

The Aim of the Conference

The conference, addressed to all commercial banks in Romania and to all actors involved in the programming and implementation of structural and cohesion funds, was held at the headquarters of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) in Bucharest on 21 November 2013. The dialogue is part of the initiative of the Ministry of European Funds to include banks in the fund management circuit, taking into account the experience accumulated over the years to facilitate the use of European funds, according to the statement of the BNR Deputy Governor, Bogdan Olteanu.

The event was an important opportunity to present the Romanian banking community's contribution to the drafting and improvement of legislation on the financial management of EU funds, together with all other stakeholders, with the aim of improving access to funds. The ability of banks to provide highly specialised expertise, which is aimed at speeding up project financing and ensuring optimal liquidity, requires reflection on how the banking system is preparing for this change. 

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