Lattanzio KIBS was entrusted to conduct a cluster assessment aimed at the effective management of resources in projects funded by the African Development Fund (ADF) established in the regional member states

Improving the Fund's management mechanisms

Efficient and effective management of the resources used in the implementation of ten projects financed by the Fund is the main objective of the independent evaluation entrusted to Lattanzio KIBS.

In particular, by focusing on the technical and institutional aspects of the operations managed by the Fund, the analysis aims at producing quality products and achieving strategic objectives by improving existing procedures and processes.

The results are useful in addressing the main interests of the African Development Bank, namely accountability and internal consistency, learning and performance enhancement.

Member States' Development Initiatives

Through an integrated assessment framework in which each connection has a very specific relevance, Lattanzio KIBS took into account the Fund's main areas of interest. 

These include infrastructure, good governance and capacity building, but also gender equality, climate change, the private sector, debt sustainability and private sector credit enhancement instruments.

These themes are particularly relevant in the context of the actions implemented by the ADB, whose aim is to reduce poverty and increase economic and social development in 38 Member States.

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