Lattanzio KIBS participates in the presentation event of the Strategic Plan for the Metropolitan City of Palermo

The Strategic Plan, its Actions and Objectives 

Today, the presentation event for the Strategic Plan of the Metropolitan City of Palermo took place at the Martorana Hall of Palazzo Comitini in Palermo.

Lattanzio KIBS took part in the proceedings, detailing the steps and objectives of the Plan as a fundamental tool to promote the development of the metropolitan area and improve the well-being and quality of life of its citizens. How so? By pursuing the 7 strategic actions identified, which will outline the future development of the area in terms of mobility, culture, smart cities, food, energy, social inclusion, and environment.

3 phases, 18 months, 1 common development objective

Lattanzio KIBS supported the Metropolitan City of Palermo throughout the entire process of developing the Strategic Plan, which lasted a total of 18 months and was structured in 3 distinct phases. Several local actors were involved, including 82 Municipal Administrators, over 200 public and private stakeholders, and more than 1800 citizens.

Based on the three keywords: co-design, collaboration, and participation, the project was able to identify, together with public and private representatives, the main issues of the territory and develop concrete solutions to enhance different areas and sectors, with an overall perspective of Metropolitan area development.

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