Lattanzio KIBS presents the Plan to the 108 municipalities involved with an online event

Sharing vision and objectives with citizens

The 1st Sharing Meeting of the Strategic Plan of the Metropolitan City of Messina has just concluded. Lattanzio KIBS, awarded the contract in partnership with MATE Engineering, designed and coordinated the online event for the presentation of the Strategic Plan's Vision and Objectives.

The meeting was attended not only by stakeholders and key institutional referents, but also by the citizens of all 108 municipalities as an integral part of the territory's development process in the coming years. Participation is a crucial point: the entire project is based on it.

Management and communication services for the development of the metropolitan area

A further opportunity for Lattanzio KIBS to be involved in management, coordination and implementation activities for projects aimed at territorial development. But also in communication activities, whose contribution guarantees the capillarity of the project in the territory. The ultimate aim is to define together the future of the metropolitan area.