LATTANZIO Learning for TRIO project management

Tuscany Region entrusts the assignment to the new consortium led by the company

LATTANZIO Learning for TRIO project management

Until 2021 the most important web learning platform provided by a public administration will be managed by LATTANZIO Learning in partnership with Ancitel, TD Group and LATTANZIO Communication, which is entrusted with external communication.

Born in 1998, as a project from the Tuscany Region that benefits of the European Social Fund financing, TRIO is the acronym of Technology, Research, Innovation, Orientation. Over 1900 free courses, more than 530,000 registrations and 91,000 active users: the numbers and the examples of reuse of the platform by other Italian regions (this is the case of the Marche Region with MAR.LE.NE project) represent the success and breadth of the portal.

With the platform updating, LATTANZIO Learning intends to bring the training offer near the needs of the labor market, with the shortest possible distance, and to ensure a system skills and knowledge transmission increasingly integrated and social, with communities, thematic forums, direct comparison between teachers and students and a substantial part of practical learning supporting the academic one (learning-by-doing).

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