Lattanzio KIBS' benefit initiative to put young people at the heart of PA innovation kicks off

Engaging Gen Z also through social communication

YouthinkPA stems from the need to orientate young people towards an active contribution in the modernisation of the public sector, as an engine for the development of the economy and society. It wants to bring the new generations closer to the public sector and involve them in the opportunities it offers, catalysing attention on the value of innovation in PA.

At the heart of the initiative and the choice of Instagram is the creation of a community involving universities, the consultancy industry, the innovation ecosystem, public bodies, the world of information and all interested young people, so that they can come together to catalyse attention on the added value of a renewed public sector.

As on the website, YouthinkPA's Instagram channel offers Study and Research content, and a constant update on news, events, opinions and stories about Youth, PA and the protagonists of its innovation.

On PA-related studies, the Instagram page dedicates a space to the educational offerings of Italian universities and previews the YouthinPA Thesis Award, which is scheduled to have its first edition in 2024, to recognise the combination of excellence and innovation in the theses of those who apply.

Visit the official website of the initiative to find out more: YouthinkPA, the Public Sector in the Youth Idea 
Discover the Instagram page and follow us: Instagram YouthinkPA