Lattanzio KIBS organizes the online event of the 'Youth 4 Inclusion, Equality & Trust' initiative as part of the UN project for young people in the Balkan region

UN Women for gender equality and social cohesion

The first online Regional Consultation of the 'Youth 4 Inclusion, Equality & Trust' initiative in collaboration with UN Women was held on Monday. 

The event is part of a broader action for 'Strengthening the Role of Youth in Promoting Greater Mutual Understanding, Constructive Storytelling, Respect for Diversity and Trust in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo [1], North Macedonia and Serbia,' funded by the UN Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) and implemented in partnership with UNDP (lead agency), UNFPA and UNESCO.

Exchanging views on multiple issues

Lattanzio KIBS, in collaboration with BST Impact sàrl, supported the UN Women initiative and facilitated the interaction and discussion of more than 50 young participants from 5 regions of the Western Balkans, along with other stakeholders, to actively engage them in constructive narratives, strengthen intercultural dialogue, inclusion, gender equality, and stimulate relationships of mutual trust. 

[1] All references to Kosovo shall be understood in the context of the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999). 

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