Lattanzio KIBS provides updated data on Islamophobia in Ireland to the European Fundamental Rights Agency

The assignment in details

For three years, Lattanzio KIBS will support the FRA (EU Agency for Fundamental Rights) in research and data collection on multiple Fundamental Rights-related Issues. The Agency is dedicated to promoting and protecting fundamental rights in the EU through data analysis and support for legislative processes.

Lattanzio KIBS is working alongside the Agency in updating a database containing data giving evidence of anti-Muslim hatred in Ireland.

The database on the evidence of Islamophobia

Lattanzio KIBS will feed the database created by FRA in 2012 with information on judgments, law cases, reports, and statistics related to hatred against Muslims. The collection covers the period from July 2020 to December 2022.

The assignment includes multiple assignments; Lattanzio KIBS has already been involved in the mapping service of Child Protection Systems in EU member states.