Lattanzio KIBS is entrusted with training services for the OIE e-learning platform

The new Lattanzio KIBS courses for the OIE e-learning platform 

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is responsible for improving animal health and welfare worldwide. The Organisation entrusted Lattanzio KIBS with the creation of e-learning content on wildlife surveillance and trade to feed the WOAH training portal.

Project activities

Specifically, Lattanzio KIBS deals with:

  1. Carrying out an initial learning needs analysis
  2. Creating an inventory of existing e-learning resources through technical assistance for the launch of a Call for proposals
  3. Produce 4 additional e-learning modules on surveillance, prevention and wildlife health management

The training will be aimed at a wide audience: WOAH wildlife experts, members of national veterinary services and other relevant authorities.

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