Lattanzio KIBS is supporting the organization of event as part of the Sardinia Region's training, operational coaching and specialized onsite support project

Workshops and Webinar coming soon

From April to June, Sardinia Region is promoting an intense schedule of participated training and promotional initiatives to strengthen awareness of the project, as well as disseminate and maximize content knowledge.

Specifically, as many as 8 in-person workshops and 4 webinars are scheduled to start on April 19 aimed not only at users of the training courses, but also at managers, officials and administrators of Local Authorities who are not enrolled in the training.

A project of the 2014-2020 Sardinia ESF OP

The events are part of the larger project of the Sardinia Region that provides training, operational coaching and specialized on-site support as part of the interventions under the 2014-2020 Sardinia ESF OP Axis 4, Thematic Objective 11, Action 11.3.3. 

Lattanzio KIBS, awarded the contract in partnership with Easygov, contributes to the achievement of the project objectives, to strengthen the management capacity of local governments, consolidate the 'sense of institutional ownership', improve the levels of knowledge, efficiency, and professional competence, as well as encourage the promotion and establishment of professional collaboration networks among local governments.

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