Lattanzio KIBS supports the governance of Vigevano.Inc, the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy of the Municipality of Vigevano for the period 2023-2027

The strategy goals

Vigevano relies on Lattanzio KIBS to manage strategic operations that invest in inclusive education as a vehicle for regeneration and urban development.

Lattanzio KIBS manages the governance of the strategy by interacting with the municipal structure and engaging on two fronts. On one hand, the service aims at providing support to the municipality in the creation and connection of training centres (City Service Hubs) in the city centre and peripheral areas of Ticino. 

On the other hand, Lattanzio KIBS supports the municipality in managing the animation activities of the training centres themselves.

The scheduled activities 

On a general level, Lattanzio KIBS will design, manage and coordinate resources on several municipal levels and then proceed with a subsequent evaluation of the measures taken.

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