Lattanzio KIBS at the service of the Municipality of Vigevano to manage its Sustainable Urban Development Strategy

Lattanzio KIBS supports the Municipality of Vigevano in the governance of the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy Vigevano.Inc. The strategy is aimed at creating training services for citizens within new or redeveloped spaces to improve the urban fabric. Financed by regional and European funds, the strategy is part of the implementation of an intelligent network of services for inclusive education over the next 4 years

More details

On a operational level, Lattanzio KIBS proposes two lines of activity:

  • The first includes a project management phase involving the various municipal levels, the management and coordination of the portfolio, the project support of the individual operations put in place
  • In a second step, a monitoring and evaluation phase on the progress, effectiveness and impact of the Strategy

Project Impact 

The management of is part of a set of interventions that Lattanzio KIBS carries out in support of local development and the implementation of governance, proposing services geared towards fragility and the promotion of inclusiveness, as investment in inclusive training becomes a vehicle for urban regeneration.
The creation of lively and connected training centres (City Service Hubs) stimulates the growth of the urban fabric and improves the connection with the peripheral areas, which until now have been too distant from the centre; as they lack services, with great housing and socio-economic fragility.