Lattanzio KIBS is entrusted with technical assistance and communication services for the preparation of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan, an opportunity for the territory

Lattanzio KIBS accompanies the metropolitan authority in preparing an operational agenda to guide development in the different areas of the territory. The project involves a participatory process to define together with citizens, municipalities and stakeholders the concrete projects to be implemented. The source of funding for the territorial initiatives are the resources that the Plan itself conveys.

The project phases

Lattanzio KIBS supports the drafting of the Strategic Plan along a three-phase path:

  • Analysis and listening to the territory, construction of the Strategic Agenda, drafting of the Preliminary Strategic Document
  • Calibration of the Strategic Agenda, elaboration of projects, definition of the Three-Year Operational Plan
  • Approval of the Plan by the Council, monitoring of pilot projects, impact assessment

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