One year after its launch, Lattanzio KIBS is organising the '2nd Strategic Forum' for the metropolitan area of Cagliari. The event is part of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan elaboration project

A sharing event between citizenship, administrators and stakeholders

Lattanzio KIBS organised the event on 5 March 2021, this time on a digital platform. The forum allowed citizens, institutions and the economic partnership to meet and dialogue on the presentation of the results achieved so far. It was also an opportunity to announce the start of the next phase of the participatory process. Thus, the economic, environmental and social development process involving 17 municipalities in the Cagliari area continues.

Living Labs, the new cycle of scheduled events 

Specifically, among the next steps planned is the organisation of six co-planning workshops, the Living Labs. These will be attended by the territory's main Stakeholders in order to systematise, integrate and localise the project proposals for the territory's development previously collected.

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