Awarded to Lattanzio KIBS the technical assistance services for management, monitoring and control of the 2014-2020 ESF OP

Management, monitoring and control of the ESF OP

Lattanzio KIBS supports the Managing Authority of the Sicilian Region's ESF OP in the activities of administrative capacity building in the presentation phase of the new 2021-2027 programming.

The technical assistance activities mainly concern:

  • management of functional activities for the launch of the 2021-2027 programming
  • planning and management of activities focused on the improvement objectives set out in the Administrative Strengthening Plan (PRA).

The 2 main activities

On the one hand, Lattanzio KIBS supports the regional administration in the launch and development of regional programming, in accordance with:

  • european objectives (PO, Agenda 2030, Green Deal)
  • national objectives (economic, social and environmental policies of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development and the policies set forth in the Plan for Recovery and Resilience)
  • regional objectives

Lattanzio KIBS also provides support on issues of particular interest, including the strengthening of synergies between EIS funds, the increased use of simplified cost options and compliance with enabling conditions, as well as the specialist expertise needed to ensure the effective launch and implementation of the Programme.

On the other, the regional administration relies on Lattanzio KIBS to make its organisational processes more efficient and streamline administrative and procedural processes. The aim? To strengthen the regional simplification programme in view of the new EU programming.

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