Lattanzio KIBS attends meeting in Naples to discuss the state of implementation of 2014-2022 programming

The European Commission's praise

Lattanzio KIBS participated in the Campania RDP Monitoring Committee in Naples, as an independent evaluator of the 2014-2022 Rural Development Programme for the Region. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the objectives achieved with the 2014-2022 programming at the same time as the launch of the Complement for Rural Development (CSR) Campania 2023-2027. 

In detail, the state of implementation of the Programme and the main results achieved were discussed with representatives of the European Commission, the ministries involved and the economic, social and institutional partnership. The Monitoring Committee also underlined the progress in the area of digitalisation, receiving the applause of the European Commission for the results achieved.

Lattanzio KIBS' intervention 

Virgilio Buscemi, partner at Lattanzio KIBS, recounts the fruits of the evaluation investigations conducted since 2018 in terms of a push towards competitiveness on the part of farms and a focus on environmental sustainability on the part of the programmer. 

In addition, he highlights the achievement of a fluidification of regional administrative processes: on the one hand, in the public-private partnership processes for the redevelopment of rural hamlets; on the other, in reference to innovation measure 16, which has allowed for the reduction of timeframes and the relief of human resources.

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