The Learn2Analyze Project is a knowledge alliance composed of academic and industrial partners, co-funded by the Erasmus + program. The Project started in January 2018 and will end in December 2020

Digital training to support professionals

The L2A consortium includes 7 institutions from 6 countries, including 4 internationally renowned universities and 3 industrial partners. The purpose of the project is to support the empowerment of online education of professionals (instructional designers and online tutors) to understand and use educational data analysis methods and tools.

The results of the project

  • The development and validation of two European competency profiles for instructional designers and online tutors, which capitalize on and expand existing competency frameworks;
  • Design, develop and validate a European competency-based MOOC to support the development of the competency profiles developed by the project.

Project partners: University of Piraeus Research Center (Greece), Universität Mannheim (Germany), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway), Lattanzio Learning s.r.l. (Italy), imc information multimedia communication AG (Germany), Enovation (Ireland), Curtin University (Australia)

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