The XXIV National Evaluation Association (AIV) Congress will be held from 21 to 23 September 2022 in Pescara. Lattanzio KIBS, a member of the scientific committee, will take part in the proceedings

The most important national event on evaluation

Lattanzio KIBS takes part in the XXIV National AIV Congress entitled "Evaluating in complexity and promoting change. What support for territories and stakeholders in evaluation reflection and practice?".

As a member of the scientific committee, Lattanzio KIBS actively participated in the three-day event: coordinated and chaired several parallel sessions, initiated discussion panels and brought significant case studies of rural development programme evaluations. 

The interventions

Virgilio Buscemi, partner at Lattanzio KIBS, coordinates the session "The evaluation of research and innovation interventions financed by EU programmes". Lattanzio KIBS' team of EU fund evaluation consultants contributes to the proceedings with two talks representing best practices in the sector:

  • "The evaluation of innovation for rural development in Tuscany through a participatory approach and the use of case studies"
  • "Evaluation paths and lessons for the future: the case of the Veneto Region's Smart Specialisation Strategy"

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