Lattanzio KIBS shares the results of the Marche RDP 2014-2022 evaluation in Ancona

The results of the evaluation

On 30 November, the dissemination event "Rural development as an innovative lever for the competitiveness of the agricultural sector" took place in Ancona at the Li Madou Room of the Marche Region. The aim of the meeting was to present and share the results of Lattanzio KIBS' thematic in-depth study on the innovation support measures of the 2014-2022 RDP in the Marche region.

According to Virgilio Buscemi, Partner at Lattanzio KIBS and responsible for the evaluation, Regione Marche "has adopted a forward-looking attitude on agricultural policies and has invested heavily in innovative approaches to boost the competitiveness of local farms". Paola Paris, Project Manager at Lattanzio KIBS, also confirms the success of the RDP, speaking of "successfully implemented strategic plans and innovations that have proven to be relevant to the specific sectors examined". 

The exchange represents an opportunity to promote debate in the current launch phase of the Complement for Regional Development (CSR) 2023-2027, the policy document that contains the strategic choices and interventions to be activated within the RDP.

In addition to the evaluation team, the local agricultural world and public sector representatives such as Sabrina Speciale from the Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate of the Marche Region and Andrea Maria AntoniniCouncillor for Agriculture and Rural Development Regione Marche also participated.

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