Lattanzio KIBS is a partner in this Business-to-Government project. Edutech District is the first innovation hub dedicated to Education Technology

What is Edutech District?

An initiative that crosses schools, start-ups, businesses, institutions and territory in a new school ecosystem as indicated by the PNRR for the enhancement of the supply of education services. Edutech District's primary goal is to develop innovative ways and technology solutions for Education that can be really tested inside the school. But also training solutions for companies (upskilling, reskilling), for Publishing, Health, Games, Sports, etc.

The Partners and the goal of the project

The project is curated by the B2G team of Lattanzio KIBS in synergy with Simbiosity, a leader in open innovation, and Impact Hub SB, a certified incubator present worldwide. Together, they aim at a concrete answer to the most pressing structural problems of Italian education: low investment in education, high dropout rate, substantial shortage of skills on STEM disciplines.

The presentation event

The Edutech District presentation is on September 22, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. at the annual Level Up School Days, a 3-day event dedicated to the use of technology applied to the world of Education. 
The event, which will also be usable online, will be attended by a number of influential representatives from institutions and the world of work.

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