Lattanzio KIBS to Lampedusa and Rome to dialogue with national authorities and civil society.

The visit of the Institution of the Commissioner for Human Rights to Italy

Lattanzio KIBS participated in the country visit to Italy as part of the project to evaluate the work of the Commissioner's Institution for the 2017-2023 period.

The visit consisted of a series of meetings in Lampedusa and Rome aimed at exploring issues such as the human rights of refugees and migrants, the safeguard of women's rights, and the promotion of gender equality.

UNHCR, SOS Mediterraneé, Save The Children, Sea Watch and Mediterranean Hope, among others, and sector associations such as Ossigeno per l’Informazione, in defense of journalists' freedom of expression, or the Casa Internazionale delle Donne, in protection of women's health, safety and identity, participated. National authorities such as the Diplomatic Office of the Prime Minister and the National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office were also involved.

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