Luisa Adani | Corriere della Sera

The world of consultancy is hiring, and it is doing so with significant numbers. 1,500 new recruits are expected over the next 12 months in Assoconsult - the association that is part of Confindustria and brings together some multinational consultancy companies (Bip, Deloitte, Kpmg and Pwc) and smaller firms (including Lattanzio Group, Cross, Innext, A.a.c. Consulting, Ct Partners, Radar Consulting, Tecno-Rail). In most cases, these are opportunities for recent graduates (mainly in economics, engineering and IT) who will be hired with a two-year apprenticeship contract. For them, this is a double opportunity on the skills development front: they will not only be exposed to the theoretical and practical training required by the regulations, but also to the institutional training aimed at the consultants of the reality in which they will be working. In addition, during the induction programme, the new recruits will be involved in international projects, both in the case of assignments abroad and in the case of participation in multicultural projects.

Also interesting is the economic treatment and professional development they will be able to enjoy: remuneration during the apprenticeship will range from 15,000 to 25,000 per annum gross, and management (which is now practically impossible in companies) will also be able to reach around 30 years of age. According to Carlo Maria Capè - president of Assoconsult and managing director of Bip - this is an opportunity not to be missed if you want to give your career a boost: 'If until a few years ago it was believed that in order to develop a solid managerial experience it was convenient to start working in a company and then move on to consultancy, today the opposite is true. Taking one's first steps in a varied and open context, and one that exposes one to different projects and in different realities, allows one not only to develop in-depth and ductile skills but also to orient one's subsequent career path'.

At the moment, of the 1,500 searches, 217 are open (the most numerous at Deloitte, Kpmg, Bip and Lattanzio): 136 are aimed at junior profiles and concern internships and apprenticeships, and 81 at those who have already developed professional experience in the company or in consultancy. Most of the positions are located in Northern Italy, one in three in Central and Southern Italy. While waiting for the specific space for matching supply and demand to be developed on the portal, the profiles are published directly on the pages
of the consultancy companies.

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