Lattanzio KIBS presents the results of the 2022 Annual Evaluation Report of the 2014-2022 Campania RDP in Naples.

Lattanzio KIBS is evaluator of the Program

The dissemination event on the results of the Annual Evaluation Report 2022 of the Campania RDP 2014-2022 was held in Naples.

Prominent personalities were present, including the officials in charge of the various Measures, the Managers coordinating the different areas of intervention, the Director General Mariella Passari and the Regional Councillor for Agriculture Mario Caputo.

To look to the future of land development

What were the most significant outcomes of the evaluation activities? The event was an opportunity for Lattanzio KIBS to present the results obtained in the first months of the year in Campania, in terms of suggestions and recommendations for the future, to the various regional structures involved in the implementation of EU-funded rural development investments.

"First of all, I am very happy [...] that we were able to give the public an integrated view [...] of the environmental aspects [...] with some evidence already very clear," explained Virgilio Buscemi, Partner at Lattanzio KIBS, during the interview, "including, for example, the element of biodiversity where the RDP interventions seem to have been effective. It is important that the evaluation can be a tool for dialogue among the actors involved in the management of the program [...] in order to reflect on present strategies but also to look to the future and to know how to better and more effectively orient the interventions for the economic development of the region."

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