Lattanzio KIBS supported the Metropolitan City of Cagliari in organizing Thematic Tables for the identification of priority areas of intervention for the territory

The Strategic planning process continues

Lattanzio KIBS, which was awarded the project, is providing support in the services of preparing the Strategic Plan for the Cagliari Metropolitan area. The process, which will culminate in the drafting of a Strategic Document, aims at the economic, environmental and social development of the area.

Six Thematic Tables to identify areas and interventions for development

From February 19 to 21, the Metropolitan City of Cagliari promoted discussion among the territory's main Stakeholders through six Thematic Tables. During the three days of work, key issues for the development plan in the territory were identified.

With the closing of the Thematic Tables, the planning phase of interventions for the future of the area officially began. The stimuli that emerged from the Stakeholder discussion and previous citizen involvement will direct the next steps of the process. 

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