Lattanzio KIBS is awarded the implementation of specific trainings to Ministry staff as part of a project funded by the UNICEF Country Office.

A capacity building intervention 

Lattanzio KIBS is awarded the service of implementing specific trainings of various kinds for the staff of the Ministry of Education in South Sudan. The project, funded by the UNICEF Country Office, targets improving management and capacity in planning activities as well as providing more efficient training services.

Specifically, the training of resources is aimed at:

  • streamlining management, accountability, and monitoring and evaluation processes in departments at the national and subnational levels that deal with planning and coordination of the education system
  • improving differentiation of staff roles and responsibilities.

Project activities 

Several activities are included in the assignment:

  • initial gap analysis
  • setting up of a virtual platform
  • design, development and organization (including logistics) of various training sessions, virtual and in-person
  • production of an ex-post survey to assess the impact of the trainings on participants
  • preparation of an action plan to guide the training of educators

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