On the occasion of the Ordinary Members' Meeting, the Lattanzio KIBS Study Centre presents the results of the research conducted on the over-65s on digital health

The role of digital medicine on the agenda

On the occasion of the Ordinary General Meeting of Members, the public event Towards the future of longevity: the role of digital medicine was held, organised by the Silver Economy Network on 30 November at 15:00 at Assolombarda.

Annachiara Annino, partner of Studies & Research of Lattanzio KIBS, attends the event and presents data from the Silver Trends Observatory on digital medicine.

For years, Lattanzio KIBS has been feeding the Silver Trends Observatory, the only organisation in Italy that investigates the sector and its growing impact on the global economy, and provides the results of research and surveys to SEN, an initiative of Filiera Life Sciences of Assolombarda. 

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