Lattanzio KIBS' consulting activity for Iren. Over the last three years, several studies have been conducted: from brand awareness to sustainable mobility and loyalty

Studies carried out

The research for Iren focused mainly on three fronts: communicative, commercial and sustainable. In the communicative sphere, the evaluation of the impacts of advertising campaigns was conducted. In commercial terms, it went on to identify strategic indications for improving the appreciation and performance of possible new products and services. Finally, the topic of sustainable mobility was examined. 

The most recent activities

A study on Iren's opportunities in innovative open banking services, authorised by the Bank of Italy thanks to the European Directive on PSD2 payment services, has just been concluded. With regard to the future, as early as autumn 2022, the communication tracking will be monthly, enriched by the monitoring of the population's sentiment on the climate of trust on institutions and the economy.
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