The program on RAI 3 devoted its June 04, 2018 episode to the big four in consulting and auditing

Antitrust Authority sanctions the big four for CONSIP tender

Journalist Giulio Valesini interviewed Ezio Lattanzio, Founding Partner and CEO of Lattanzio KIBS about the Antitrust Authority's sanctioning of Deloitte, KPMG, EY, and PWC for more than 23 million euros because they were found responsible for conditioning the outcome of the CONSIP AdA tender with a cartel agreement.

What emerged from the interview?

In the interview, the Report journalist introduces Ezio Lattanzio sympathetically as "the very one who breaks the eggs in the basket of the big four."

In the exchange between the journalist and Filippo Arena, Antitrust Chief of Staff, it emerges that the tender has not yet been canceled by Consip, while according to the Antitrust Chief of Staff, should the Council of State uphold the decision, these four companies would not be able to participate in bidding in the same target market for three years.

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