Also for the A.Y. 2016-2017, Lattanzio KIBS accompanies science teachers into the classroom with the ENGAGE project

Lattanzio KIBS provides the software platform to support teaching materials and online courses, as well as assistance to editorial team and teachers.

The Society engaged in the ENGAGE project, in its third year

Now in its third year, the ENGAGE project (FP7 G.A. no. 612269) aims to make a significant contribution to science teaching by innovating teacher training. Specifically, teachers are being sensitized to issues of RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation). 

Instead of being limited to the notional aspect, they are guided to also take into account aspects of ethics, ecology, and sustainability in lesson design.

Materials and courses are localized and distributed in nine languages and eleven countries (Britain, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Spain, Switzerland).

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