In support of Italian SMEs in Romania, Lattanzio Group has led numerous productive joint ventures and implemented assistance and capacity building projects financed by European funds in favour of Romanian PAs

Lattanzio Group testimonial for management consulting

For the country presentation event organised by Confindustria Perugia, Umbria Export and Servizi Formativi Confindustria Umbria in October 2012, Lattanzio Group was invited as a testimonial for the contribution that management consulting can make to assisting businesses.

The collaboration with Fin.Co.

Lattanzio Group is working with the local Financial & Consulting Group S.r.l. (Fin.Co) to create a pole of excellence in Romania. Fin.Co. has been present in Romania since 1994 as a point of reference for national and international companies, with over two hundred clients.

The objective of the collaboration is the joint development of consultancy services to companies in the country, with a focus on Italian companies already operating or wishing to enter Romania. The two structures support companies in completing the path of development, transformation and acquisition of skills in the Romanian market.

The Company's experience in Romania

In 20 years of activity, Lattanzio KIBS has implemented over 35 projects financed mainly by pre-accession, structural and other private funds. It has worked with local institutions, the Restructuring Agency of the Ministry of Industry and the Industrial Conversion Agency. It has provided technical assistance on regional cooperation and development projects.