Lattanzio Group and eXact learning solutions participate in Gaminomics, the conference held in London on 11 June 2015

Research project presentation at the London event

Innovators, creators, developers, producers, researchers and experts in gaming and gamification from all parts of the world gathered at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London for the Gaminomics Conference 2015.

Lattanzio Group's approach to gamification

During the conference, Lattanzio Group presented its COLLAGE research project, demonstrating how gamification and collaborative tools enhance social creativity and learning in the workplace. 

Consistently, Lattanzio Group has recently developed its own assessment game platform (BIG - Believe in Gamification) that can be used in many HR scenarios. BIG responds perfectly to the challenges highlighted by experts during the conference, especially in terms of reducing the costs of customising gamification processes and improving their reusability.

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