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VP Girelli: 'Encouraged to continue on the path we have taken, which sees us engaged in many important projects'

The expansion of AssoCom's membership base continues thanks to two new members. These are Lattanzio Communication, the branch of Lattanzio Group dedicated to communication, one of the strongest in Italy in terms of expertise in the field of public tenders, and True Company, the Italian group founded by Massimiliano Gusmeo that brings together agencies with deep expertise in vertical specialisations serving businesses, brands and products. Very different realities with a common business approach: to offer clients services and skills that are different and synergic with each other, in an all-round consultancy perspective. Two realities that have seen in AssoCom the associative referent most consistent with their way of operating.

'Today the challenge for growth is played out in system consultancy,' argues Lattanzio, founding partner of the group that bears his name, which this year celebrates 15 years of presence in the consultancy market, and president of Confindustria Intellect since 2009. 'We are witnessing a growing integration between the public and private sectors, as is already happening internationally, with ever closer joint action between knowledge-intensive services.

'We are joining AssoCom at a difficult time for the country's economy, because we believe in our future and we want to contribute our enthusiasm and drive for the common good,' says Gusmeo. 'Only an associative identity aimed at excellence has the potential to create the ideal environment for expressing the values and creativity that all brands need, even if in recent years many good practices have been lost amidst the ripples of daily market difficulties.

'The adhesion of Lattanzio Communication and True Company gives us great pleasure,' concludes Marco Girelli, CEO of Omnicom Media Group and vice-president of AssoCom, 'and encourages us to continue on the path we have taken, which sees us engaged in many important projects, from the Festival of Creativity to territorial promotion to an increasingly effective comparison between agencies and clients, to give just a few examples. An intense programme that we will be able to pursue thanks to the strength of our associates, and in their interest'.

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