Lattanzio KIBS took part in the Department of Equal Opportunities' institutional event in support of birth rate

Promoted by the Department of Equal Opportunity within the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry for Family, Birth and Equal Opportunity, the meeting kicked off with institutional greetings from the president of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, Lorenzo Tagliavanti, followed by a video message from the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, and a speech from the Minister of Labour and Social Policies, Marina Elvira Calderone

During the meeting, held on 7 November at the Rome Chamber of Commerce, was introduced the Code of Self-Discipline of Responsible Businesses in Favor of Motherhood and signed the "Pact for Responsible Businesses in Favor of Motherhood", presented by Minister Eugenia Rocella, which seals the government's commitment to boosting the birth rate and creating a favourable environment for women and motherhood in the world of work. The involvement of Italy's responsible pro-motherhood companies in the Code's adherence ceremony was crucial.

The event was also an opportunity to present the new video for the Ministry of Family, Natality and Equal Opportunity that tells the perspective of a hypothetical virtuous company and its responsible actions in favour of motherhood.

Watch the video