Lattanzio KIBS presents evidence gathered on the 2014-2020 Italy-Croatia Interreg Programme

“Growing together creating synergies”

Lattanzio KIBS takes part in the closing event of the Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme 2014-2020 "Growing together creating synergies from 14-20 to 21-27" in Zadar. The meeting was an opportunity to present the most significant evidence gathered in almost three years of evaluation of the Cooperation Programme.

During the meeting, the results of the 2014-2020 Programme Evaluation, conducted by Lattanzio KIBS from 2021 to the present, were returned. The challenges and objectives for the next programming period 2021-2027 were shared and the results of the project “A Scuola di Open Coesione” (ASOC) 2022/2023 were presented.

The Italy-Croatia Interreg Programme is situated within a series of interventions of the European Commission, which aim at encouraging cooperation and cohesion in the European countries, in order to improve all areas of the territory and the environment, thanks to the support of the European Regional Development Fund.

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