Three-year project kicks off with Lattanzio KIBS involved in employment support services and technical assistance in Ivory Coast

A strategic development project for suburban cities  

More employment in Ivory Coast through a project in which Lattanzio KIBS is partnering with AVSI Foundation and CPCCAF (Conférence permanente des Chambres consulaires africaines et francophones). The planned activities will be divided into two parts: analysis and training in the field. Funding for the project comes from the World Bank through the PIDUCAS (Projet d'Infrastructures pour le Développement Urbain et la Compétitivité des Agglomérations Secondaires), established precisely to strengthen the economic performance of secondary cities. 

Strengthening the economy from Bouaké and San Pedro

The training phase includes days aimed at training "interviewers," figures crucial to the success of the project. It will be the interviewers, in fact, who will carry out the mapping of existing business models in the Bouaké and San Pedro areas. Their activity will be preparatory to the identification of individuals who will benefit from business training and business development services.