'Challenges ahead: a new framework and future perspectives for European Consulting' is the title chosen for the annual FEACO conference

Ezio Lattanzio, FEACO President, opens the proceedings of the annual conference

FEACO, a lobbying body recognised by the European Commission, has as its primary objectives the support of management consulting, its development and the representation of the sector's interests in Europe. At the annual event, Ezio Lattanzio intends to raise awareness of the role of consulting as a factor and accelerator of growth in Europe. 

Topics for action

He also focuses on the importance of a regulatory framework that enables companies to operate by adding value

'The potential for European consultancy is considerable. And on the other hand, it is appropriate for Europe to leverage consultancy for its own development. In all countries, in fact, consultancy is a growth factor and GDP multiplier, and the European Commission itself has a responsibility to foster an environment inspired by high quality standards'.

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