Lattanzio Monitoring & Evaluation evaluator for AfDB

The African Development Bank, a non-profit financial institution for the economic and social development of African nations, has entrusted LATTANZIO Monitornig & Evaluation with the project 'Country Strategy and Program Evaluation for the Republic of Mauritius'.

The evaluation analyses the AfDB strategy in the Republic of Mauritius and the related programs implemented in the period 2009-2018, through two strategic cycles (2009-2013 and 2014-2018).
This assessment focuses both on the strategic level and on the level of specific interventions. An essential part of the overall picture is the non-economic activities carried out by the Bank, such as dialogue and political support, knowledge creation and sharing, and analytical work.
The final aim of the evaluation is to define and plan the future strategy and planning in Mauritius and in the countries where the AfDB plan could have a similar application.