Catanzaro, 21 Dec - The President of the Region of Calabria, Giuseppe Scopelliti - informs a note - took part in the presentation of the 'Service Charter and Social Report', an initiative held at the Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria that is part of the 'Dissemination of Best Practices' project in the judicial offices of the region. Calabria has joined, together with other regions, the action that altogether involves various judicial offices distributed throughout the country for the implementation of regional best practices projects.

Present at the meeting were the President of the Court of Appeal Giovanni Battista Macri', the President of the Court Luciano Gerardis, the Public Prosecutor Federico Cafiero de Raho, the Attorney General of the Republic Salvatore Di Landro, Filippo Chesi and Carlo Bonetti of Lattanzio e Associati, the Regional Manager of the Community Planning Sector Luigi Zinno, and Maria Francesca Curra', the person in charge of the proceedings.  The project was strongly supported by President Scopelliti and Bruno Calvetta, Managing Authority of Por Calabria Fse. In fact, the Region has earmarked about 2,430,000 euros of the POR Fse 2007/2013 to finance the implementation of the Best Practices Project in eight Calabrian judicial offices selected by the Ministry of Justice: Public Prosecutor's Office of Palmi, Court of Castrovillari, Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria, Court of Reggio Calabria, Court of Appeal of Catanzaro, Public Prosecutor's Office of Reggio Calabria, Public Prosecutor's Office of Catanzaro and Public Prosecutor's Office of Vibo Valentia.

The Region also decided to use the savings from the contract to extend the project to other regional judicial offices. It expressed this willingness to the Ministry of Justice, which indicated the order of priority following the technical investigation conducted by the Strategic Unit. The available resources made it possible to extend the project to seven other offices, following the order of priority indicated by the Ministry: Public Prosecutor's Office of Reggio Calabria; Court of Palmi; Court of Vibo Valentia; Court of Cosenza; Public Prosecutor's Office of Cosenza; Court of Catanzaro and Public Prosecutor's Office of Castrovillari.
The aim of the project is to provide the premises of the Judicial Offices with a modern organisational structure, capable of responding attentively to the demands of citizens, the various users and stakeholders, and organised according to the guidelines of the new public management.