Ports as key players in sustainability

In the era of sustainability and innovation, ports are no longer just places of transit for goods and people, but become key players in the field of environmental protection and local development. At the indication of the European Commission, interest in "Green Ports" by Port Authorities and beyond is growing in Italy as well.

The observatory constantly analyzes and collects information on the citizens' attitude toward Italian turistic ports. Through an active listening of the population living in port areas, the observatory aims to identify possible projects aimed at local socio-economic development and enhancing the resources of individual ports, including turistic ones.

The HUB Green Ports Observatory also carries out an activity of assessing the feasibility of proposed initiatives as well as monitoring them.


A public-private partnership opportunity for a sustainable approach to the sea economy

A public-private partnership opportunity for a sustainable approach to the sea economy

Through the HUB Green Ports observatory, Lattanzio KIBS investigates the need for the redevelopment of Italian port areas to animate a multistakeholder platform of public-private contact aimed at the development of port areas in a sustainable way.

The idea is to help generate integrated solutions to benefit the economic-social development of port cities, starting from the preservation of territorial heritage and the rehabilitation of disused port areas, with an eye to the efficiency of port activities and the decrease of their environmental impact.


Taking as a reference the respondents from Genoa of a study conducted on a sample of 1,000 inhabitants of the main Italian port cities, 58% of the survey participants consider the redevelopment of public spaces a priority. Not only that, 67% consider the sea economy to be very important for city economic development, and 8 out of 10 Genoese believe it is necessary to take action on the redevelopment of maritime facilities.

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