Rethinking the future of the public sector starting with Young People

In the era of innovation and digital transformation, the Italian public administration is facing new challenges and opportunities related to efficiency and modernization needs. One of these is opening up to a new generation of talent, ready to bring freshness and new ideas to the public sector.

Lattanzio KIBS has launched its YouthinkPA Observatory, which aims to explore, analyze and raise awareness in the community in order to make Youth participants in the PA awakening.

The role of Young People in PA

According to the Observatory's data, 67.7% of people searching for information about "public administration" on the web are under 35 years old. However, only 4.24% of public administration employees are under the age of 29. This discrepancy highlights the need to bring young people closer to the world of PA.

The role of Young People in PA

It is in this context that YouthinkPA, the benefit initiative that aims to bridge this gap and help promote a culture of PA innovation as a shared value, starting with the involvement of Young People and all the protagonists of change, was born.

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