Lattanzio KIBS assists the European Investment Bank with technical-specialist support for project preparation on smart development

The European Investment Bank (EIB) supports the activities of the Advisory Services Department in all the countries in which it operates, including non-EU countries, through framework agreements covering specific areas of intervention, such as: Environment, Energy, Mobility, Smart Growth, Social Infrastructure, Europe 2020 and SME access to finance, Urban and Regional Development, Bioeconomy.

More details

Lattanzio KIBS assists the European Bank in providing specialized technical support to programs and projects related to Lot 4 of the Agreement on Smart Growth, Social Infrastructure, EUROPE2020, and SMEs access to Finance initiatives.

Lattanzio KIBS is asked to intervene in various fields, research, development (R&D) and innovation, digitalisation, information and communication technologies, smart development, health, education, finance and SME development, digital technologies and sustainable infrastructure and climate technologies.

In detail, the intervention will require:

  • technical, engineering and project management skills
  • material development and capacity building activities such as the development of methodological guidelines, model project approaches, the combination of PPPs and grants, compliance with legal requirements, supportive policy reforms, knowledge dissemination

Project impact

Lattanzio KIBS' technical-scientific activity alongside the European Investment Bank takes on a strategic role insofar as it is aimed at preparing programmes and projects in areas of great impact for future economic growth, namely: research and innovation, smart development, and large-scale application of technology.