Lattanzio e Associati meets Croatia

Towards enlargement: delegation of Croatian civil servants from the Ministry of public administration visits Italian authorities

Lattanzio e Associati – in cooperation with Formez PA – will host a study visit of civil servants from the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Croatia in the framework of a EuropeAid project  “support to the implementation of the general administrative procedures act”. The study visit will be held in Rome from 18th to 24th of November 2012.

The scope of the project is supporting the enhancement of a reliable, open, transparent and client-oriented public administration. The delegation will visit the following Italian Institutions, Formez PA,  the Department for Public Administration and the School of Public Administration, to share EU best-practices and to strengthen the capacities of the civil servants involved in the implementation of the administrative procedures and acts.

The agenda deals with the Italian experience in the fields of transparency and anti-corruption in the Public Administration, of improvement of the performance and efficiency of the PA and of management of EU Structural Funds. A focus on the training of civil servants will be also envisaged, notably of training on administrative procedures.

The final session of the study visit will be held in the premises of Lattanzio Group with a round table aimed at sharing the experiences of the Company and lessons learnt in the field of management of EU Structural Funds and of reform of PA, not only in Italy, but also in the new EU-Member States and in the EU pre-accession Countries. As a result of the study visit, the capacities and understanding  of the rules and procedures of the acquis communautaire of the delegates will be improved and strengthened, in view of the accession of the Republic of Croatia in the EU in 2013.

Lattanzio Group: Via Nazionale 89/a 00184 Roma, Italy
Formez PA: viale Marx, 15, 00137, Roma, Italy
Department of Public Administration: Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 116 00186 Roma, Italy
School of Public Administration: Via dei Robilant n. 11 - 00135 Roma, Italy