Supporting Public Administration Reform in Kosovo

Funded by the European Commission, the Kosovo project had as its basic objective the modernisation of the Balkan state's public administration. Lattanzio KIBS thus supported Kosovo's Ministry of Public Administration in a challenging and structural reform process.

More details

The support to the Ministry and other key actors in strengthening and modernising the Public Administration took the form of a set of activities to improve the delivery of services to citizens and businesses. These include technical assistance for the implementation of the General Administrative Procedures Act (LGAP) aimed at strengthening the regulatory and operational framework of administrative actions.

Project Pluses

The implementation of the project activities enabled us to achieve the results desired by the target framework. In this regard, it can be reported that:

  • Strenthening of the capacity of the Ministry of Public Administration in the implementation of the overall reform agenda;
  • Definition of a strategic framework on service delivery and administrative procedures 
  • Establishment of the coordination mechanism for central government activities on the implementation of the General Administrative Procedures Act (LGAP);
  • Development of training programmes for the personnel involved.

Overall, the services of Lattanzio KIBS have implemented effectiveness and efficiency in the structure of Kosovo's public administration.