Implementation of the Spatial Development Programme

The International Development Agency (IDA), part of the World Bank, in its mission to support the economic growth of less developed countries, has entrusted Mozambique with funding to implement the Spatial Development Programme (PDE), through the African country's Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC). In 2021, Lattanzio KIBS began supporting the Ministry in the implementation of this highly topical project.

More details

The ultimate goal of the programme is the full realisation of an independent public institution, the National Agency for Geospatial Development (ADE, IP), capable of coordinating and promoting good practices in geospatial planning, sharing knowledge, developing tools for socio-economic analysis and conducting studies for policy formulation.

The Agency is already operational, but technical assistance is needed for its institutional development and to ensure a successful transition to the institution's new role in the country. The appointment of Lattanzio KIBS is precisely in this context: the objective of the activities is to provide support for the management of this process of change and institutional development of the Agency.

Project Pluses

Although the project in Mozambique is still in its early stages, the plan of activities has already made it possible to grasp the importance of this accompaniment; an opportunity for our team of experts to contribute to institution-building. The Lattanzio KIBS team will perform:

  • analysis of the programme's situation
  • identification of the most appropriate operational model for programme implementation;
  • definition and implementation of a strategic plan and a management plan for the change process.

The full institutional development of the new agency in Mozambique will be ensured by expert support that extends into the first months of its operation.