Lattanzio KIBS is awarded the drafting of the Unified Communication Strategy for the Regional Development Policy of Valle D’Aosta

The Cohesion Policy of the European Union (EU) is the European Union's policy aimed at reducing development disparities between the regions of the Member States and at strengthening economic, social and territorial cohesion in order to foster smart, sustainable and inclusive growth throughout the territory. In this context, the Regional Development Policy of Valle d'Aosta pursues the objectives outlined by the European Union according to the specificities and needs of the Region, in line with the guidelines contained in the Regional Strategic Framework for Sustainable Development 2030 (RSPD 2030). 

More details 

Lattanzio KIBS contribution focuses first and foremost on the drafting of the Unitary Communication Strategy of the Regional Development Policy of Valle d'Aosta, with particular regard to the coordinated action of the Programmes or including an overall reading of the contribution of European Funds to regional development. 

Other activities include the elaboration of the technical specifications for the acquisition of services related to the implementation of the Unified Strategy and the support in the elaboration of the Annual Communication Plan for the year 2024, prepared in consideration of the addresses of the Strategy. Finally, Lattanzio KIBS is also in charge of improving the communication related to the activities foreseen in the annual communication plan of Europe Direct Vallèe with particular reference to the organisation of events. 

Project Impact 

The Communication Strategy of the Regional Development Policy 2021/2027 defines the framework of choices aimed at spreading the knowledge of the European co-financed programmes concerning Valle D’Aosta: a "guided path" aimed at increasing the level of public involvement with respect to funding opportunities, at strengthening the positive perception of the idea of Europe and at a greater understanding of the positive impact that the implemented interventions have had and will have on the daily life of citizens, on the environment and on the socio-economic development of the territory.