Capacity building on EU funds for the Ministry of Environment in Turkey

Lattanzio KIBS supports Turkey's Ministry of Urbanisation and Environment in a technical assistance project for the European Union's Department for Investment (DoEUI).

More details

The ongoing technical assistance project aims to strengthen the management capacity of the DoEUI (Department for European Union Investment). Specifically, the activities aim to support the effective management of EU funds and Operational Programmes (in the programming, design and implementation phases) through management capacity building and staff training.

As part of the project, a study visit of the Turkish delegation to Milan took place in November 2022 with the aim of introducing the best practices of the Lombardy Region in various environmental sectors. The milestones were as follows:

  • Visit to the Silla waste incinerator with AMSA and informative session on waste collection management in Milan;
  • Visit to the Nosedo purification plant with CaMI and MM S.p.A. and informative session on how water treatment works;
  • Informative session with ARPA experts on air quality monitoring in Lombardy;
  • Informative session with the Environmental Authority of the Lombardy Region on the management and implementation of E.U. Funds

Project Pluses

Following the group of delegates in the interiorisation of best practices in the management of environmental issues was an important on-the-job training opportunity for Lattanzio KIBS experts; the project also facilitated dialogue between the Italian institutions of the Lombardy Region and the institutions of Turkey.