Lattanzio KIBS organises events for ETF

The European Training Foundation (ETF), based in Turin since 1994, is an agency of the European Union that helps developing countries to exploit the potential of their human capital by reforming their education, training and labour market systems in the context of the EU's external relations policy. By supporting human capital development, the Foundation contributes to the social and economic development and long-term stability of neighbouring countries.

More details

ETF chooses Lattanzio KIBS for the organization of national and regional events and conferences in EU and EU Neighbourhood and Enlargement regions, and Central Asia.
Lattanzio KIBS handles the planning, coordination, logistical organization of meetings and language facilitation services, as well as consultancy aimed at developing specialized skills and implementing organization and management services.

Project Impact

Lattanzio KIBS' intervention contributes to the development of external EU policies and programmes at the pan-African level, with the aim of enhancing the human capital potential of the countries involved and internationalising vocational training.