The implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Metropolitan City of Cagliari

The Metropolitan City Strategic Plan is a governance tool, which starts from the construction of the institution 'Metropolitan City' and aims to identify shared strategies for spatial planning, resource management and public services. Between 2019 and 2022, we supported the Metropolitan City of Cagliari in the realisation of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan.

More details

The path involved the articulation of the Strategic Plan into two phases that corresponded to two different moments of knowledge and technical-political exchange. The objective of the project activities was to ensure a sustainable and balanced development of the entire metropolitan territory, while making the metropolitan city more attractive to businesses. As part of the project, 3 Strategic Forums were held, sharing events with citizens culminating in the presentation of the Strategic Document.

Project Pluses

The project allowed us to contribute to the concrete development of the area: thanks to the work of Lattanzio KIBS, the projects to be implemented in the area were defined.