The Communication Plan on the results of the EMFF (2014-2020) and FEAMPA (2021-2027) programming.

Lattanzio KIBS alongside the Veneto Region in the implementation of a project to develop and manage the communication plan on the results of EMFF programming (2014-2020) and the new FEAMPA programming (2021-2027). The Project is aimed at promoting competitive, profitable and sustainable fisheries, as well as the implementation of the Union's Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) in a complementary way to the Common Fisheries Policy.

In detail

Specifically, the requested service will cover the following activities:

  • the coordination, monitoring and planning of communication;
  • the involvement of stakeholders;
  • the production of videos and multimedia products;
  • the management of the website;
  • the realization of advertising campaigns;
  • the organization of events and meetings;
  • the creation of informational publications and promotional materials.

Project Pluses

The Communication Plan will contribute to the promotion of a fishery that is not only more competitive, but also aimed at a more balanced and inclusive territorial development.